Monday 8th of August 2022 12:45:55 PM

Australian Naturist Survey

About Our Survey

What's it for?

So far as we are aware, nobody in Australia has any idea how many nudists there are. Nor do we know their distribution, ages, sex, status, likes and dislikes and so on. The aim of this survey is to gather information so that we can begin to develop an understanding about naturists in Australia, who they are, where they are, and what they think. It is not about identifying people, we have no need to do that. Your privacy will be respected always!

This survey was been provided under the auspices of:
Paul Brown (Aussie Naturists)
Stuart Whelan (The Australian Naturist - TAN)
Stuart Whelan (Le Chateau Naturiste)
Jackie Fuller (South East Community Sun Club)
Solar West Swim Club (Melbourne)
Keith Brown (Sunland Holiday Village)
Rob Schmidt (Townsville Nudist Club)
Robalwin Naturist B&B Spa Retreat

How can a survey help?

We bellieve that the time has come to begin raising the profile of nudism in Australia, and to assert our rights as Australians. We hope to use the data gathered during this survey to help lobby Parliament for official cultural recognition and protection under anti-discrimination legislation. This will enable nudists to (once and for all) breathe a sigh of relief, and hence acknowledge their lifestyle choice without fear. We also hope to gain knowledge and develop ideas from the survey results to help steer naturism in a positive direction.

To achieve these goals, our survey requires your email address and location, otherwise the survey cannot be considered official, and is useless. Your details will not be released to anyone.

Honesty Required

Our purpose for hosting this survey is to help naturism and naturists gain their rightful place in Australia. There are no ulterior motives, and we have no desire to "name and shame" people. Why would we? We are naturists too!! The data we collect needs to be accurate and honest, so if you do not plan to answer questions truthfully, please leave now. False information helps nobody, and serves no purpose. We hope you will consent to complete our survey openly and honestly for the benefit of your lifestyle.

There are three parts to the survey. Please ensure you have enough time to complete all parts, as you cannot return and start over.
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Survey Statistics

Results: 2874 Australian Naturists have completed the survey so far. Have you?

Please stay tuned for further results as they come to hand. Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey, and please tell your nudist friends and associates about our survey!

Please remember that we need each nudist member of your household to complete this survey, otherwise our results will not truly reflect naturism in Australia. Please encourage your nudist partner, spouse or children to also complete the survey.