Monday 8th of August 2022 01:09:17 PM

SkinCladTM - Information Page


SkinClad is a new Australian Group, comprised of members from clubs, nudist resorts and online groups. Our consortium is designed to gather information, and develop ideas in relation to naturism in Australia in the 21st Century. We are gathering this information with our Australian Nudist Survey. One of our primary aims is to find ways to raise the profile of naturism in Australia through political recognition, and changing society's perception of naturists. SkinClad is made up of individuals who are experienced in the naturist lifestyle, and are tired of the lack of development in our lifestyle. We aim to fill a vacuum that exists in the organisation and development of naturist concepts, events and ideals.


Why SkinClad?


Any search for "naturism" on the internet brings up around 4,620,000 results, while a search for "nudist" retrieves 46,400,000 results, and "nudism" 8,640,000 results. Anyone who has done some serious searching will find many associations with sex and pornography, which web developers have linked to the terms nudism, naturism, nudist and naturist. We wish to re-establish what naturism really is through the new term SkinClad. We believe the word says what is is, without any hidden meaning or connotations. It is self-explanatory, and needs no further clarification.


Why Do We Need A Change?


Despite the length of time naturism has been a part of Australian society, little has changed. Some would suggest that in fact our lifestyle has gone backwards. It certainly seems to be in decline in much of Australlia currently. Many of our popular nudist resorts and retreats have closed down, and those that remain are run by dedicated, but elderly naturists. Several established clubs are suffering great hardship through lack of new members, as young people are just not attracted to our lifestyle. Nudists raising nudist families are rare in comparison to when I was a child and before. There are many reasons for this decline, which makes it essential that we act now to reverse the trend.