Jon And Chrissy from Eurobodalla , New South Wales: "It is a hot day here. Hoping the sun stays till Sunday so we can go to Myrtle Beach and have a nude day. " on the 12/04/2018
Aussie Naturist from Armidale, New South Wales: "You have a right to be free and live your lifestyle as a nudist. However, we all must understand that other people also have the right to choose their own lifestyle, and remain clothed if they wish. If you have the right to call them prudes, then accept that they may also have a right call you rude!" on the 07/04/2018
Junior from Rochester, Victoria: "Have been a nudist all my life whenever and wherever I can not understand why more people don't go nude and stop being prudes. Been out mowing lawns etc..." on the 07/04/2018
Mudcrabber from Bribie Island, Queensland: "Working on my boat engines enjoying the Queensland sun while trying to avoid many of the sharp bits in the engine bay..." on the 06/04/2018
Sol from Ballarat, Victoria: "I sleep naked have my shower and breakfast, do my washing hang out clothes, all these chores nude of course." on the 21/03/2018
Haveachat from Yarram, Victoria: "Enjoying the washing the ute, giving it detail, in-side naked also mowing the lawns & gardening. Just a top day for doing every thing nude!" on the 11/03/2018
Pete from Reservoir, Victoria: "It,s Sunday here and I,m doing my housework. Its easier to do it naked. Just put a load of washing on the line." on the 04/03/2018
Bazil from Warrnambool, Victoria: "Grabbed some rays in the backyard earlier while the sun was out. Watching the cricket and multitasking with the laptop now." on the 10/02/2018
Jon And Chrissy from Bstrmrnd Bay, New South Wales: "We had some superb days at Myrtle Beach - a traditional nude beach near Batemans Bay. Highly recommended." on the 03/02/2018
Diesel from Pine Mountain National Park, Victoria: "Free hiking to Ross Lookout, camping at the quiet Bluff Creek campground and having an early morning shower under the falls before day-trippers arrive" on the 11/01/2018
Arcnown from Bombo, New South Wales: "I had a great day at Windang beach laying around naked in the sand hills, just a few locals wondering around. Love to meet some of you other nudists." on the 01/01/2018
Warren from Werrong Beach, New South Wales: "Lying nude on legal nude Werrong Bch Royal Nat. Pk. south of Sydney. Was always leary about going nude as students of may visit. Never did! Grt. spot!" on the 18/12/2017
Johncblake from Glenelg, South Australia: "Just sitting outside nude having a coffee reading the morning paper. Will go to tenyson beach later to socialise with some locals. " on the 13/12/2017
WaterWalker from Kiama, New South Wales: "Visit Windang, 7 mile Beach locally - Almonds, and cobblers south north. never found anyone at Durras, Looking for Farmers that enjoy to hang naked " on the 04/12/2017
Nick from Nowra, New South Wales: "Went nude on Seven Mile Beach today and it was great. It was nice and sunny with a slight breeze, to stand naked at one with elements is fantastic." on the 20/11/2017
Andrew from Coffs Harbour, New South Wales: "Sitting around the house waiting for the rain to come. Always hoping to meet genuine nudies in the area for socialising ... were not very social LOL" on the 16/11/2017
Robfun from Buderim, Queensland: "Trying to find other genuine nudists to meet locally. Would be great to just be able to visit and catch up during the week days, maybe a nude morning..." on the 09/11/2017
Nudesurfer from Darwin, Northern Territory: "Not too much unfortunately, didn't have much time to myself today . Life's so busy am just looking forward to the next time I can really relax. Soon x" on the 31/10/2017
The Greenman from Margaret River, Western Australia: "Growing organic produce in delightful seclusion far from the maddening crowd. Peace and tranquility to live the lifestyle of a Greenman" on the 28/10/2017
Bouncybear from Boyne Island , Queensland: "We are sitting on our veranda enjoying the rain. Hopefully that clears soon so we can go out and find more local spots and nudists as we are new here..." on the 18/10/2017
NudeBeachLover from Glenbrook, New South Wales: "Heading off on a road trip on Oct 26 to visit most of the nudist beaches between Sydney and Byron Bay. Will be in Byron Bay Oct 28-30. " on the 15/10/2017
Havechat from Yarram, Victoria: "Top day nice and warm just finished night shift enjoying a cuppa on the deck with my wife, both naked..." on the 23/09/2017
Tallguy from Yea, Victoria: "Fire going, red wine, and no clothing. Nothing could be better. Life's definitely better without clothes that's for sure. " on the 18/09/2017
Arcnown from Minnamurra, New South Wales: "Paddling up the Minnamurra river naked with no one else around, bugger then I will find a spot on a sandy beach (very small) and lay around and enjoy." on the 15/08/2017
Reddy from Wollongong, New South Wales: "A full days housework including hanging the washing out on the line, neighbours have view of the yard so have to monitor if they are in their backyard" on the 29/07/2017
Haveachat from YARRAM, Victoria: "Nice warm day and a bit of fishing no fish nice relaxing back home naked watching the news making a bit of tea. Go fishing tomorrow to catch a feed." on the 29/07/2017
Ruggerguy from Hamilton , Queensland: "Heading to Bribie Island to get some rays and bit of exploring today. Any others keen to join. Weather permitting might skinny dip!!" on the 27/07/2017
Nakedguy from Logan, Queensland: "Naked study. And with a little relax outside nude if the neighbours are inside. So nice sitting in the sun naked" on the 25/07/2017
Zeke from Wisemans Ferry, New South Wales: "Nude hike today, especially good barefoot being in touch with the earth. Temperature was in single figures quickly warmed by the sun. Back to nature!" on the 21/07/2017
Haveachat from Yarram, Victoria: "Expecting a frost again tonight fire going keeping the house naked checking my emails hoping to do a bit bream fishing on one off our local rivers . " on the 21/07/2017